MCSeating- custom motorcycle seats- prices
Prices reflect a standard seat and are general in nature for a base price. Exact quotes are best
handled in person over the phone.

Custom seats: You provide the seat pan and I'll add foam and cover. Leather covers are
all leather.
Comes with carpet like backing.  Standard style solo seat with a standard cover.
Solo                                     2-up
Leather:     $425 and up                      $550 and up
Vinyl:           $375 and up                      $500 and up

Stock seats: Use existing foam and seat pan. Same style as stock or standard style changes.
Leather covers are
all leather. A combo of both leather and vinyl available. Ultra seats add $50.00
Leather            Vinyl
Solo seat:                            $350              $300
2-up seat/ one piece:        $425              $350
2-up seat/ two piece:         $450              $375
Backrest  small                    $60                $50
Backrest  large                     $75                $65

Custom foamwork: I can modify existing foam to suit your personal comfort or style. Prices are on a
per job basis.

Colors: A wide variety of colors are available in both leather and vinyl. Black is standard. Leather in
colors add $75 to $150.00 depending on leather.  Accent colors can be add to match paint or other
accessories. This is done in leather or vinyl depending on color to match. Leather can be custom
matched to a specific color for a substantial fee.  Striping starts at $25 per line.

Embroidery: Can be added in any design or color of choice. There are hundreds of in-stock designs
to choose from. Prices start at $15 for an in- stock design and $50 and up for a custom design.

Exotics: Expensive. Call for quote.

Saddlebags: Recover your saddlebags to match your seat or have a set  custom made to any
size.                            Prices start at $500. Call for quote.

gel pads:       two grades. Pro Pad[soft] & Kemmler[firm]. $80 front- standard size. $70
rear-standard.                         price is when other work is done to seat. Includes a layer of memory
gel pad only: same as above. Drivers only- $160 installed. Drivers & Pass.- $230. Ultras add $10.
studs:             $1.25 ea. installed- stainless steel
braiding:        expensive (takes forever) priced per job, depending on style.

All quotes are on a per job basis and
do not include shipping.
All seats are shipped UPS or Fedex, insurance included.

Payment can be made with the following options:
Cash, money orders or certified checks are always welcome.
Credit card through Paypal or Google Checkout on the website. Phone orders also taken.
Personal checks taken but delays shipping until check clears.
COD available- cash, money orders or certified checks only. Add $8.00
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custom motorcycle seats
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